Baguettes by Thomas

Coming soon.... Authentic Traditional Baguettes made in America in accordance with French standards

Our dough made on premises, never frozen, consisting of only flour, water, yeast, & salt with no additives. The entire process is carried out personally by Thomas, our Boulangerie Chef with over 30 years experience baking French breads and specializing in Traditional French Baguettes. Note: Some shipping distances might require freezing to ship, but the dough is never frozen before baking.

Our ingredients are the finest available, non-GMO, and are Kosher and Vegan/Vegetarian compliant. Our dough is fermented for 24 hours at 56F/13C in a fermentation chamber which is embedded into a mountain. We use the water of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, which is the finest water Chef Thomas has ever evaluated. You can expect a rich flavor and airy crumb that is a little "chewy".

For restaurant owners and home cooks, we bring our master craft to your door.